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I highly recommend connecting with Angie if you are looking for a doula to support you during your pregnancy.
I had the privilege of having her support during the end of my pregnancy as well as the birth of my rainbow baby.
I wish I would have connected with her sooner!
I met with Angie not long before my due date, was able to express all of my wants & desires for my birth after two losses  and she made sure I got what I needed.
My birth with this baby was extremely difficult, however she did such an amazing job helping me through every part of it, I would have had an extremely difficult time feeling heard during my birth without that support.
Angie is an absolute sweetheart, if I ever have more children I will absolutely have her as my doula for my entire pregnancy.
Thank you so much for your support Angie!!

— L.A., Edmonton

What I loved most about working with Angie was her upbeat and supportive attitude. I felt really understood and that I didn’t always have to explain how I felt and where I was coming from.  I felt validated dealing with some personal issues - it’s always nice to have an unbiased outside opinion about certain things. I knew Angie always had my back and felt comfortable opening up about all my concerns and feelings.

I would recommend a doula to any friend going through labour and since we worked with Angie and enjoyed our experience, would recommend her specifically to anyone in our area.

Angie is open to whatever you want/need and she wants you to  achieve your dreams and goals for your birth. She has no preconceived ideas on how things should go.

— A.M., St. Albert

Angie has been an amazing support during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is knowledgeable and took time to listen to all our concerns and provided us helpful information. During labour she helped me stay calm when our birth didn’t go as planned. We recommend Angie as a doula and we will definitely get her again on our next pregnancy.

— J.T., Fort Saskatchewan

— A.R., Edmonton

Angie is incredibly supportive and  helpful. She was a grounding force  during my labour and got along great with my midwife. She is knowledgeable and educated in pre and post natal as well as birth techniques. While in the depths if labour her voice and encouragement helped to keep me grounded and feel cared for an supported. She also made sure my  partner felt supported and heard and gave him encouragement throughout the birth process. I felt so strong and totally supported with Angie's help.

— J.B., Edmonton

Angie has a warm and approachable personality. Very friendly. It made it easy to ask questions and be open with her.
Working with Angie helped me reflect on my experience of both pregnancy and having a baby and normalized and validated my experiences. I found this to be very supportive and so important to me.

I was a little unsure of the cost and  finding a good fit when we thought about hiring a doula, however after meeting with Angie I  got to know that she was a good fit, and  after working with her it’s clear that the services she provided were worth the cost.

Angie was very knowledgeable and  provided me with evidence based research when we needed it during my pregnancy, and for our labour and birth.

I would recommend Angie because of her warm and approachable personality, which  is so important when you’re choosing to let a doula into this most intimate life experience, and she’s there for you after the baby’s birth as well.

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