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Angie Collins

Certified Holistic Doula &

Maternal Support Practitioner

Becoming a doula was something that I wanted to do since my daughter was born.  Completing my certification through The Matrona and being trained by Whapio was a proud and fulfilling time for me.  I have since completed a second doula certification through Bebo Mia and finished at the top of my class.  Through this, I am also a certified full spectrum maternal support practitioner.

My passion comes from witnessing a family come together through birth.  It is both honouring and humbling to be included in such a sacred time in your lives.

In my other life, I work as a parent educator and coach.  I have been working with families and children for over fifteen years and I am equally as passionate about the work that I do with these families.

Providing support, education, and care is a part of who I am. I am currently taking more doula courses that will help me gain more insight and knowledge into pregnancy and birth, and I will continue to seek out relevant topics on an ongoing basis.

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